The Corporate Council – A group of the ten largest and most powerful corporations. Each of them has a specific focus, but that doesn’t mean that it’s their only line of business. ALL of the Council corporations are extremely diversified… while the GENEON corporation is mostly known for it’s android technology, they also maintain several smaller corporate divisions. Some produce entertainment programs or consumer goods. Some of the relationships between the big 7 and smaller, more local corporations are adversarial, at other times local planetary corporations are secretly owned by one of thier bigger brothers.

GENEON – The major purveyor of biotech, androids, and synthetic DNA.

GENERAL DYNAMICS – heavy weapon systems, fighters, ships, autonomous weapons platforms.

NEXUS – Information Technology, Net Access, Computer Systems.

ICARUS – flight systems, heavy industry, space travel.


TELEVIER – consumer products, entertainment, infotech.




AUSPEX – Weapon manufacturer.

SILEX GROUPAAA mining corporation. Has recently been edged out of Union contracts by the Jovian Mining Consortium, but they still have a great many operations on their own corporate run colonies. Silex is the most prolific of the Council corporations in terms of starting up new colonies. Several independent colonies and corporate watchdog groups have cited Silex in the past for the conditions and work terms on some of their more remote mining colonies. One scathing report from TekaVekt indicated that most Silex workers on these worlds actually paid more for basic living expenses than they were paid, taking out loans to stay on, in the hopes of ‘making it big’ and finding a rich vein of ore.

Jovian Mining Consortium – AA mining company. Originally a number of smaller corporations that banded together to compete with Silex. Started in the Jupiter colonies, and was very successful there. Has recently won a no bid contract to handle all mining operations within Union space. Many have suggested that this was a move on the part of the Union to secretely nationalize all mining operations. This recent development has caused a great deal of strain between the Council and the Union.

Vanguard Securities – AA rated security corporation, proving high end security and threat response forces for it’s clients. Subsidiary of Nexus.


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