The Union

Adventure 2
Adventure 1

The players are each contacted individually by a man named Rolo. Rolo is an agent, a man who acts as a go between between people who want to hire contractors, and the contractors themselves. He wants to hire the contractors for a big job, one too complex for a small crew, but with a big payoff.

The objective of the job is fairly straightforward: break in to a certain building, and steal some data out of a secure network.

But then, it’s always the simple jobs than end up getting you killed…

The team is brought together, and accepts Rolo’s job. Their objective is a specific file in a secure data-space on the 8th floor of a downtown commercial space. The dataspace isn’t wired to the outside world, so the team will have to physically break in to gain access.

Bit and Kai’ulani hack their way in to the buildings security system, and forge a keycard which they can use to bypass the front doors. They also loop the cameras. While the team’s hackers are setting this up, Hawk swipes a keycard from one of CeroTech’s employees, which will get them into the datacenter.

Everything is going according to plan, but the hackers trip an alarm while trying to bypass CeroTech’s cameras. They have to fight off some IC in order to disable the camera, but they manage to do so, and steal the requested file and leave the building before any security teams show up.

Grinder calls Rolo, to let him know that they’ve got the data, but the voice that answers the phone is not Rolo’s. The voice wants to set up a rendezvous…


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